Son of the Forest:A Survival Horror Game with Captivating Plot

Son of the Forest:A Survival Horror Game with Captivating Plot

As a sequel to the Forest, Son of the Forest has inherited the outlook and gameplay of the Forest. Compared to the Forest, the Son of the Forest has been upgraded in terms of visuals and will also have a brand new storyline and gameplay, with new features such as a focus on long-range weapons, optimized construction, optimized production menus, 3D printing, new NPC partners, seasonal changes, optimized AI, and storyline continuation and so on.

  • Plot

The previous game, Forest tells the story of a father Eric (controlled by the player) who, in a daze, sees a red wild man dragging away their son after a plane crash. The player then embarks on his own survival in the forest and searches for his son to save him. However, as the player explores,   this forest hides even more earth shattering secrets- the Sahara company’ s terrifying conspiracy to resurrect the dead with the living.The sequel tells the story of the saved son who, in order to unravel the mystery of his body mutation, returns to the island to search for clues and uncover deeper secrets. After the attack, the plane crashed and mutated creatures roamed the island. Players need to constantly explore and survive.What’s more, the Son of the Forest has added advanced civilization like the Rubik’s cube. The Rubik's cube, the black pyramid (of the first generation game), and artifacts derive from the same advanced civilization. When players go through hardships to find a mysterious Rubik’s cube and enter it, they discover that it is a portal to extraterrestrial space. In the end, players enter an extraterrestrial civilization and discover that everything is real. The ending of the Son of the Forest is not only terrifying to people, but also an exploration of human nature and the unknown world. It reminds us that in the face of unknown fears, people may become crazy. That is to say, in terms of plot, it is a continuation of the forest, with a richer plot and more exciting and thrilling compared to the Forest.

  • Gameplay

The Son of the Forest continues the basic gameplay of the Forest, such as building battles, cooking, treasure hunting, etc., and based on this, develops more realistic and interesting gameplay such as synthetic exploration and climbing. In addition, Son of the Forest has also added interaction with NPC in the game, such as Kevin and the three legged wild woman. Players can interact with Kevin through the options on the sticky note, command him to cut trees or collect items. The interaction with the three legged woman is more reflected in how to tame her, cultivating female wild men to fight and protect their homes etc.

  • Prop

In the Forest, most of the props used by players are relatively primitive cold weapons such as coarse clothes, torches, flashlights, samurai knives, and chainsaws as well as items from the last century. In the Son of the Forest, however, due to the initial setting of players returning the small island from the real world, players carried multitudes of props, including pistols and some large caliber bullets, such as modern suits, modern tools, and some C4 explosives. These novel props also developed more gameplay.

As a masterpiece of Survival Horror Game, this game has a rich content and provides many details for players to experience. You can piece together the entire story and interpret your own understanding through these details. The game combines horror, strangeness, and religious elements, ultimately sublimating into science fiction elements. Although the jumps are large, they are harmonious, making the game more mysterious. At the same time, the parts that need to be operated are also very tense and exciting. We recommend everyone to use EasySMX X15 on your gaming.

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