Starfield: Allocate Skill Points Correctly And Never Pick up Trash

Starfield: Allocate Skill Points Correctly And Never Pick up Trash
Choosing the right skills and investing the right points is crucial as you explore the majestic journey of Starfield. In this vast universe, we will encounter endless challenges and countless unknowns. This article will provide you with a detailed novice guide to help you become more comfortable in starry sky exploration and avoid picking up so-called "junk".

Skill system analysis:
In the Starfield adventure, players will receive skill points when they upgrade, and these skill points are distributed in five major sections.
Physics category:
Physical skills mainly enhance the player's own attributes, such as health and weight. Among them, weightlifting skills are particularly important, as they can increase the weight and allow players to carry more items. Due to the wide variety of items that can be carried in the game, having a high carrying capacity is extremely important.
Social category:
Social skills allow players to enjoy discounts when shopping, or make it easier to persuade others. This sector may not be the first choice in the early game. Although the option of persuasion often appears in missions, most of the time there is a combat option.
Combat category:
This type of skill increases the damage of various types of weapons. However, this may not be the first choice early on, as the difficulty can be adjusted in the game to account for stronger enemies.
Science category:
Science skills are related to the upgrade and modification of weapons and space suits. While important, it is not required as players can still complete the battle even with slightly worse equipment.
Technology category:
Technical skills are a section where I personally strongly recommend investing points in the early stage. Jetpack training, security and target control systems are almost a must-have.EasySMX and Starfield

Detailed analysis and application of skills:
Jetpack training:
This skill allows the player to take off briefly. This skill is very convenient when exploring planets, especially planets with complex terrain. Without vehicles, this skill will greatly improve the player's movement efficiency.
Improve lock picking skills to enable players to open higher level locks. This skill is crucial when performing missions and exploring areas, especially when the player encounters high-level chests or doors.
Target control system:
Mainly used in space combat, it can lock on enemy spacecraft for precise strikes. This is very important for improving combat capabilities.

Item management and load carrying:
During the game, players will encounter a large number of items that can be picked up. Reasonable management of items and load is very important, because once the load exceeds the limit, it will not only affect the movement speed, but also consume more oxygen, and fast travel will not be possible. Therefore, players need to choose and carry items wisely.
Carry high-value weapons selectively. Although weapons are valuable, they also take up a lot of weight, so carrying too many is not recommended.
In the same way, players only need to carry the best quality equipment, and extra equipment is not of much use.
Ammunition and health kits:
Ammo has no weight, so players are advised to carry as much as possible. The medical kit is used to restore health and relieve abnormal conditions, and is also a must-have item.
Resources are extremely important in the game and are used in many ways. All materials and minerals encountered should be carried.
Among miscellaneous items, keys and lockpicks are important items. Other than that, most of the items are worthless garbage.
Task execution and strategy:
In the game, players will encounter tasks from different camps and NPCs. There is no set pattern or strategy for performing these tasks. Press the "F" key to view the task path guidance. If the guidance disappears, close it and press the "F" key again.EasySMX and Starfield

Spaceship acquisition and advantages:
Spaceships are an important part of the game. In addition to purchasing new ships, players can also find ships on planets. Having a good ship will greatly enhance the gaming experience. Players can keep an eye out for new ships that may appear in the sky and try to acquire them.EasySMX and Starfield

By investing skill points wisely, managing items and load appropriately, and mastering spaceship acquisition and mission execution strategies, players will be more comfortable exploring the starry sky. In the endless mysteries of Starfield, players will experience unparalleled fun and challenges.