Starfield Review: Bethesda's Grandest Leap into Space - EasySMX Gaming

Starfield Review: Bethesda's Grandest Leap into Space - EasySMX Gaming

In the realm of gaming, Bethesda is often synonymous with expansive worlds and deep lore. Their latest creation, Starfield, follows this tradition but launches players into the depths of space. As fans of the developer's other titles, such as the Fallout series, we often found solace in traversing the wastelands and understanding the stories that lie beneath. While Fallout had its charm in the post-apocalyptic desolation, Starfield introduces an exhilarating sense of cosmic adventure.

You start off humbly as a miner on a dusty planet. But the serendipitous discovery of an alien artifact sets you off on a grand journey. This artifact is not just any relic; it resonates with you, echoing scenes reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey. As you venture deeper into the universe, you encounter the group 'Constellation,' a conglomerate of varied individuals all with the intent of uncovering cosmic mysteries. They're a ragtag crew, some seeming like they've walked straight out of a Jules Verne novel while others could fit perfectly in a Star Trek episode. Together, you seek out the origins of the universe and the role of humanity within it.

Bethesda's DNA can be felt throughout the game. Starfield's vast universe gives players a tantalizing promise reminiscent of games like No Man's Sky. The Elder Scrolls fans might even dub it "No Man’s Skyrim" because, in many ways, it delivers on that potential. With planets at every corner and enigmatic secrets awaiting discovery, Starfield promotes exploration. This space odyssey is massive, and it's all about the thrill of venturing into the unknown.

But, as is often the case with Bethesda, the familiar creeps in. The gameplay mechanics echo those we've seen before. It's an RPG infused with shooter elements, allowing players to customize their characters deeply. This is paired with conversations that play a significant role in the gameplay. Each dialogue is meticulously crafted and voiced, immersing you deeper into the story. But combat can sometimes be wanting. The shooting mechanics, though vast in choice, feel less refined, making you wish for something as effective as Fallout's VATS system.

The space theme introduces new elements. Landing on any planet and scanning for lifeforms or minerals becomes a routine. Spaceships, though aesthetically pleasing, can be cumbersome to maneuver, making fast-travel a more favored choice. And while the main quest has a distinct flair of its own, some side stories can feel derivative, reminiscent of various sci-fi movies and series.

However, there's a stark improvement from Bethesda's previous titles – the technical aspect. Starfield stands out as the most polished game from the studio, with glitches and bugs being surprisingly rare. It's a commendable leap, considering the expansive nature of the game.

In essence, Starfield is a testament to Bethesda's legacy. While it adheres to some of the studio's longstanding formulas, it refines and polishes the edges, making the journey through space an experience worth diving into. If you've ever dreamt of embarking on a cosmic adventure, this is your chance. Get ready to unravel the mysteries of the universe, one planet at a time.

Platforms: Where to get Starfield?

Xbox Series X & Series S, Microsoft Windows, Steam

Price: How much will Starfield cost?

Standard Edition: $70

Premium Edition: $100

What is included in Starfield Premium Edition?

It includes the base game with up to five days of early access, a credit stick with a laser etching of the game code on it, the forthcoming Shattered Space story expansion, the Constellation skin pack, access to the Starfield digital art book and original soundtrack, a SteelBook case, a Constellation patch, and a Starfield Chronomark watch and case.