Tekken 8-A Passionate and Thrilling Fighting

Tekken 8-A Passionate and Thrilling Fighting

As a benchmark for 3D combat games, Tekken series has been constantly breaking through itself for many years. Whether it's graphics, storyline, or system, each generation brings new changes to players. This time, Tekken 8 is no exception. I will introduce the changes brought by this game and the feelings.

Developer: Bandai Namco Studios Inc.

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Release Date: January 26, 2024

Platform: PS5、XSX|S、PC

Game Style: 3D Fighting, Battles, Storyline

Tekken 8, built from scratch using Unreal Engine 5, first brings a very intuitive sense of evolution in terms of graphics. From character modeling to clothing texture, it maintains a high level of the series. The game scene has also been greatly improved compared to the previous game, with good details such as broken glass in close range and scenery in the far view. What’s more, the impact of fist to flesh and sound and light effects, the overall graphics of this game bring a feeling of next-generation.

By utilizing mechanisms such as the "Heat" system and the "Potential Response Scale", encouraging attacks during combat is the biggest feeling of this game during the battle. You can activate the Heat state once per turn. Even if the opponent defends during this 10 second period, it will reduce their “Potential Recovery Scale”. Consuming all the “Heat” scales and using “Heat Smash” at the end of the combo will cause more damage. Additionally, “Heat Dash” can eliminate hard straightness and quickly approach opponents, all of which encourage more aggressive gameplay.

For beginners in the game, Tekken 8 also has many mechanisms to help them get started and make it easy to play. The most intuitive way is to press the “L1” at any time during combat to enter the “special style” operation mode, which means that you can use one click to launch a move, and repeatedly click to launch a set of floating combos. The system will also automatically release “Heat Smash” or “Ultimate Move”- Rage Art.Through this operation mode, both the story mode and the Arcade Quest mode are effortless for players. When fighting against others, you can also play back and forth in a battle of the underdogs. Of course, it is still difficult to change the outcome when facing experts, but the battle process is not too ugly.


Special styles can help you quickly understand a character's combat style. If you want to further improve your level, you still need to learn various moves and challenge combos in the practice mode.

Players are allowed to watch the battle videos at any time, pause and control your role in the video, which means that you can try different choices or repeatedly practice combos in that situation. There is also a practice of confirming the opponent's weaknesses and launching a counterattack. After familiarizing oneself with various counter-attack opportunities, one can gradually improve their level.


Another way for beginners to gradually get started is the "ARCADE QUEST" arcade task mode. Players can create their own virtual characters and enter this storyline mode. Although the storyline and virtual character design are relatively young, the teaching is done step by step, which can help you familiarize yourself with various systems or techniques of the game. Then you can complete corresponding tasks in subsequent battles with NPCs to strengthen your learning.


The mini game “Tekken Ball”, which was once included in works such as “Tekken 3”, has also returned to this game. In this mode, it is not to attack the opponent, but to accumulate damage by attacking the ball, allowing the flying ball to hit the opponent and reduce their stamina.

This small game can be played offline or online, allowing players to relax a bit while fighting. However, unfortunately, there is no leisure or entertainment content other than the mini game.

For veteran players of the series, the storyline of “Benevolent Father, Filial Son” continues to play in this game, this time about the relationship between Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima. The performance in the story mode achieved a higher level and even had some magical effects in the later stages, making the feeling of going to the wrong set and entering the game of Saints.

Tekken 8 builds upon the solid foundation of the series, taking the game to the next level. The graphics and system of the game have been enhanced, and the threshold of the tutorials and special style operation modes for beginners have been lowered for getting started. The addition of AI Ghost makes players feel the progress brought by technology. For those who enjoy 3D fighting games, Tekken 8 is definitely the best choice.

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