The Finals: A New Experience and Strategy for Innovative Competitive Shooting Games

The Finals: A New Experience and Strategy for Innovative Competitive Shooting Games
"The Finals" can be said to be an innovatively designed game that combines the excitement of a competition show with a destructible arena. In this game, players will form a squad with two teammates and compete against two other three-person squads in a virtual competition show.

The game currently contains two main modes. The first is "Quick Withdrawal," in which each team competes for a vault and delivers it to a specific withdrawal point on the map. These withdrawal points usually become the focus of competition between the three teams. This kind of gameplay not only keeps the battle dynamic, but because snatching the opponent's treasury does not reset the withdrawal progress, each game can be played at a smooth pace, avoiding the situation of stalemate.
The second mode is "Save Money First", which focuses more on direct PVP battles, but the battles are more dispersed. In this mode, each player can carry cash, which can be obtained from the vault or by defeating enemies. Players need to quickly find ways to save money while killing enemies to make money. This kind of adaptable experience is very exciting. It’s also a lot of fun to beat your opponents near the withdrawal point and then quickly deposit their money into your own account.

After a few games, players can unlock Tournament Mode, which is the true embodiment of the competitive nature of The Finals. In the tournament's main mode, players will join seven other teams in a modified version of the Save Money First mode. The first round is two games involving four teams. The top two teams in each game will advance to the next round, and the final two will be decided. The remaining two teams will compete directly in a 3v3 match to determine the final winner.

The tournament perfectly combines the high-stakes nature of real competitive matches with the fast-paced and refreshing experience of each knockout round, making players eager to play again after each tournament. Additionally, the tournament even has a ranked version where players can move up the ranks based on their performance.

Player characters are divided into three professions, and the gameplay of each profession and body type is very different. The lightweight character focuses on mobility, and although it has less firepower, it can use its grappling hook to reach high or far places quickly. The medium-sized character is an all-rounder, focusing on supporting effects, such as providing healing rays to teammates. Stronger characters, on the other hand, focus on controlling the battlefield with heavy weapons and can even smash through walls like a fearless warrior.
Before the start of each game, players can choose from a variety of equipment. If used properly, these pieces of equipment can play an important role on the battlefield. There are some standard items in the game, such as frag grenades and deployable shields, which are common elements in shooter games, and the effects are as players expect.

The real draw, however, is the unique equipment, like springboards that launch players into the air, or sticky grenades that fill large spaces with clay. Some items are applicable to all classes, such as the flame grenade, while others are exclusive to specific classes, such as the defibrillator for medium-sized characters, which can instantly revive a fallen teammate. In the competitive mode, strong characters are very popular. They not only have high health but also have strong output, so they have become the first choice of many players. Most players will choose flamethrowers, grenade launchers, and swords as weapons.

One of the highlights of the game is the destructibility of each map. Players can choose to enter a room through a door or window, but the sudden drop in the breaking roof can catch unprepared enemies off guard. You can't truly experience The Finals until you blast through the floor above and loot the vault that falls through the hole. After a fierce game, crumbling buildings and scattered bricks and rubble are often left on the field.

The game's physical destruction system isn't just for visual effect, it has a major impact on gameplay strategy. For example, there is a map with skyscrapers connected by covered bridges. When I first saw someone destroying the covered bridge and causing the entire bridge to fall, I was so surprised that I was speechless.

If you don’t have friends to play with, solo matchmaking in The Finals is quick and easy. The mark system in the game allows players to place marks with one click, making communication simple, even with strangers. Since there aren't many rewards for ignoring the objective, teammates will usually focus on completing the mission, which makes the solo matchmaking experience quite good as well.
Teamwork plays an important role in the game. For example, a stocky character armed with a flamethrower, coupled with a medium-sized character healing him, can be enough to wipe out an entire enemy team. Therefore, it is also important to choose complementary equipment and strategies. When a teammate falls, they leave behind a minifigure that players can carry to safety to resurrect, a feature that's both fun and practical.

Overall, The Finals stands out among competitive shooters with its fast-paced combat, great scene-destroying effects, and competition-show-like atmosphere. Whether you're leaping across the battlefield with your grappling hook or rampaging like the Hulk, this game offers a whole new experience.