What is the feeling of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?

What is the feeling of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?

The variety of weapons and their adjustment mechanisms, the intense shooting experience, and the new modes designed in the grand map all make this year's "Call of Duty" particularly outstanding. It still maintains the classic Call of Duty style, but with a clever shift in detail and focus, resulting in my favorite Call of Duty multiplayer release in recent years.

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" has shown its unique charm in this almost a year. Infinity Ward not only presents us with a familiar feeling of combat, but also subtly injects new elements, making it distinct from last year's "Call of Duty: Vanguard". This version of the multiplayer mode is undoubtedly the masterpiece in my heart.

Detailed Grinding Of Weapons
Although the weapon and accessory growth system in Call of Duty is somewhat similar to previous generations, I am still fascinated by the detail. Although players can choose from a large number of accessories, each weapon can only be configured with a maximum of 5 types. Which accessory to choose depends entirely on the player's combat strategy: Do you pursue the accuracy of hip shooting or do you prefer to reduce recoil? Rich choices allow players to flexibly adjust weapons to make them more in line with their personal gameplay, and this personalized experience is also exciting.

Upgrading weapons can not only improve the performance of firearms, but also unlock new types of weapons. For example, to unlock a particular sniper rifle, a player may need to reach a certain level or upgrade the associated class of weapon to a specified level. Such a design encourages players to explore and experience more types of weapons, bringing them different combat experiences.

In addition, camouflage challenges have returned, allowing players to unlock gun skins by completing designated tasks. Personally, I really like this design, because it motivates players to challenge themselves and complete tasks that may ordinarily be overlooked. Here I have to give credit to a teammate I met who managed to unlock the golden camouflage on the second day of the multiplayer mode, which sparked my strong interest in it.

The game also provides players with fine-tuning options for weapons, allowing players to fine-tune them according to their needs. For example, players can sacrifice some accuracy to increase movement speed. In short, this system allows players to create their own custom weapons. Unfortunately, due to technical issues, this feature has been temporarily disabled by Infinity Ward. I really hope they fix it soon, because it's definitely one of the great features in Call of Duty in recent years.
Strategy And Showdown
In "Modern Warfare 2", although we have seen many familiar classic modes in "Call of Duty", such as melee, team deathmatch and kill confirmation, there are also some innovative gameplays that bring players a different experience. feelings. Among them is the eye-catching new mode "Tactical Rescue", the task is to rescue the trapped hostages. Depending on which team you're on, you can choose to rescue or eliminate them. This mode has no chance of resurrection, similar to "Tit for Tat" and "Search and Destroy". While I usually gravitate towards modes that involve frequent combat, Tactical Rescue still appeals to me, especially when teamed up with skilled teammates, and its fast-paced feel is a tense experience.

In the "Total War" mode, there are five key points on the large battlefield for 32 players to compete. I've tried it before in the B test phase, and "Frontier Outpost" is my favorite map, which features some narrow passages and undulating terrain that only allow infantry to pass through. In addition, the rooftop sniper location on the "Santa Hina Crossing Point" map is also my favorite. Compared with the previous version, this work has made a good balance in the scale and rhythm of the map, ensuring that players can fully experience the grandeur of the battlefield, and at the same time have a strong motivation to occupy key points.

As for the "Invasion" mode, it's actually a 20-on-20 team duel, but the difference is that both sides are equipped with a number of AI-controlled soldiers that move around the battlefield at will. Defeating these AI units yields only a small amount of points, while beating real players earns much more. Fighting against AI can sometimes give people a feeling of shooting targets, but it can also be sneaked by real players because of carelessness. These AI units increase the liveliness of the battlefield, ensuring that there are no gaps on the map. So far, most of my player time has been spent in these massive modes.
Multiplayer Experience
In my week of playing Call of Duty: Vanguard, the game time I experienced was generally enjoyable, especially when playing with friends who are often online. The squad-based Champion Hill mode is best for fighting three or two enemies. But no matter what the mode is, it will not be too bad, because the map design adheres to the principles of fast pace and fun, and the most important thing is that the terrain is rich, creating space for various gameplays.

There is also a third-person mode in the game, and its name is "Third Perspective Brawl". The gameplay is still the same thing as the multiplayer mode, but it has become a third-person perspective, which is quite interesting to play. Since aiming is no longer through iron sights or scopes, but instead becomes a reticle in the middle of the screen, it has changed the way I shoot and run.

One of the modes that surprised me the most this year, and one that I like very much, is the "Special Operations" of the cooperative mode. There are a total of three maps for you and a friend (or passer-by) to experience. You need to evacuate after attacking points A, B, and C. The first mission, "Handling Low" is probably my favorite of the three. I have no resistance to more stealthy tasks, this task will let you steal information and escape in the dark. The second mission is "Restricted Area". This level is also very interesting. Players have to steal the vehicle and drive to the launch point of the surface-to-air missile that needs to be destroyed. This made me see many funny scenes, such as the enemy's helicopter is about to Many enemies were brought down, but they just happened to be hit by the grenade I shot casually, and people and machines fell down.
SBMM (Match by Skill Level) is also back, and while I didn't have much of an aversion to it before, this year I'm starting to see why people have a problem with it. If you're not familiar with SBMM, let me briefly explain, this system will ensure that you are matched with enemies of the same level as you. In other words, there will be no super masters who can easily crush you among the enemies you line up, but you can't ravage the opponent either. I used to think there was nothing wrong with this, after all, I didn't want to be hanged and beaten at every turn.
Make A Summary
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the most fun Call of Duty multiplayer I've played in a long time. It not only retains the classic design of the series, but also further enhances the depth of the game through a flexible and changeable weapon adjustment system. It would also be wise to move to a larger, grander-scale battlefield. For example, "War Mode" and "Assault Mission" have achieved a good balance between maintaining the tension of the battlefield and ensuring the playability of the map, giving me a feeling of "orderly war". In addition, the cooperation mode of "special warfare mission" brings players another brand new game experience. Of course, there are also iconic modes of the "Call of Duty" series in the game, and each mode fully demonstrates the excellent shooting combat mechanism in the game.

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