Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty— A Mystical Journey of the Three Kingdoms

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty— A Mystical Journey of the Three Kingdoms
On March 3, 2024, the first anniversary of the release of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is released on March 3, 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The game supports single player and multiplayers.
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is death game of the dark Three Kingdoms that was created by Team NINJA.

In 184 AD, China was at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty when the smoke of war was everywhere, and the people were devastated.

The destiny of the Han dynasty, which once looked down on the world, is now crumbling.

In this game of Three Kingdoms action RPG combines elements of history, fantasy, supernatural and action, players will take the role of an unnamed volunteer soldier. They can use ancient Chinese weapons that integrate the essence of Chinese martial arts, such as swords and halberds and so on, to strive to conquer heroes and defeat demons, breaking through the chaotic times of the Three Kingdoms.



  • Chinese martial arts movements: It integrates offense and defense. Use swordsmanship in Chinese martial arts, kill the enemy with lightning speed. Seize the opportunity to attack in the fierce and bloody battle, and defeat the enemy's morale.
  • Dark fantasy gameplay: The player will be a volunteer soldier and not belong to any party, breaking through the chaotic world of demons and demons rampant. Here, not only can you fight alongside the heroes and heroines of the Three Kingdoms such as Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Cao Cao etc. The original story of Three Kingdoms integrates dark fantasy elements will attract players' attention and interest. 
  • A brand new strategy to challenge adversity:Defeat strong enemies to boost morale and awaken hidden power within. Overcome adversity under the "morale" mechanism to strengthen yourself and expand the path to victory.
  • The colorful gaming experience brought by weapons and magic:Rich weapons such as swords, spears, and double swords. Use the five elements of magic. Eliminate the enemy with flames and cold ice. Summon divine beasts such as "Vermilion Sparrow" and "White Tiger" that symbolize the friendship between generals, providing strong support for the battle.


Generally speaking, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty still retains some of the characteristics of NIOH and NIOHⅡ, and is still an action role-playing game that draws on the core ideas of Soulslike but emphasizes more on action.

But Team Ninja no longer completely tied smooth and coherent battles with lower combat tolerance, so it made some subtraction, giving those players who are not skilled enough a chance to try. Although the upper limit is limited, various designs protect the lower limit of operational difficulty, allowing more ordinary players to get started.

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