Zelda Kingdom of Tears: Clearance Strategy and Practical Tips (Part 2)

Zelda Kingdom of Tears: Clearance Strategy and Practical Tips (Part 2)
Today we continue to discuss the skills for clearing 5 bosses of Tears of the Kingdom!

Master Kohga:
He is a boss with high defense, strong attack power, fast speed and multiple attack methods. He will appear when the blueprint ability is unlocked, and will recount that he was forced to retreat underground from Grodd's base, harboring a grudge against Link and Zelda, thus starting the final boss battle. Kohga drives a tank and you need to avoid cannon attacks. There will be a short pause after he launches the attack. At this time, you can aim at Lord Kogai with a bow and arrow and shoot. Once he hits him, he will faint, then jump up and attack him. Following this strategy, you can basically defeat him within 3 rounds, but in the end he will talk a lot and run away.EasySMX and Tears of the Legend Kingdom of Zelda

Elemental Gleeoks:
This is a new boss in the second generation game. Although it is a bit tricky, it is easy to defeat once you find the pattern. This is a three-headed dragon, controlling fire, ice, and thunder respectively. First, hide behind cover, then climb up and jump down, shooting the dragon head in Link's time. Once a dragon head is defeated, that head's attacks are paused. When all dragon heads are defeated, the dragon falls down and can then attack its head with full force. The remaining health stage will be more troublesome, because the dragon's attack damage will be extremely high, and it will fly very high, and it cannot be reached by direct arrows. Fortunately, you can use its attacks while flying high to reach high places.EasySMX and Tears of the Legend Kingdom of Zelda

King Gleeok:
Like Elemental Gleeoks, it fires ice, fire, and thunder attacks respectively. The difference is that this one uses three heads at the same time, and the three attacks of ice, fire and thunder are satisfied at once. Therefore, this stage of King Gleeok is a test of the hard power of equipment. If you want to continue to use the ice and thunder mechanism in the high-flying stage, you need at least equipment that is ineffective against thunder or ice. Therefore, the most stable strategy is to prevent it from flying high. You can first keep the blood volume close to the level that triggers the residual blood stage, and then use the strongest melee weapon to output wildly the next time you fall to the ground. But don't be greedy, stop attacking in advance and run away, then use a bow that can shoot multiple arrows with bat/octopod/kakuda's eyeball arrows to shoot wildly before it flies high, and use their tracking function to quickly consume it remaining blood volume.EasySMX and Tears of the Legend Kingdom of Zelda

Phantom Ganon:
This is a boss that requires hard strength. If you encounter it early, it is recommended to run away because it is not a boss of a specific plot. As long as it climbs higher, its hand will disappear automatically. After its strength increases in the later stage, you can use explosive arrows to clear its hands, and then use the Master Sword to directly attack Phantom Cannon, causing a lot of damage.EasySMX and Tears of the Legend Kingdom of Zelda

The Demon King:
As the ultimate boss in "Tears of the Kingdom", the dragon is naturally very difficult to deal with. First, you need to destroy the 4 crystals on the dragon's back. When the battle begins, you'll be riding on Zelda's Light Dragon. Jump down and land on the dragon's back. Then, use the Holy Sword to attack the 4 weak points marked by red spots. After destroying a weak point, you will be thrown off the dragon. Glide towards the light dragon's head and it will automatically lock onto you and catch you. It will then lift you above the dragon again. Fly down, find the next weak point, and repeat the process until all 4 weak points are destroyed. Then, destroy the crystal on the dragon's head. When the 4 weak points on its back are eliminated, the dragon will fire red spheres at you. Jump down and hit the crystal on its head. Then press the Y key prompt to perform the final hit. The dragon can be defeated by destroying the head crystal. Afterwards, you will see some plot scenes and find yourself free falling with Princess Zelda. Fly to Zelda, hold her hand, and watch the final cut scene. The game ends here.EasySMX and Tears of the Legend Kingdom of Zelda

All in all, although these 5 boss battles are challenging, they are all beatable as long as you find the right strategies and equipment. In addition, using the EasySMX game controller can make your operations more sensitive and provide powerful help in defeating the boss. Happy gaming!
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