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EasySMX Bayard 9124 Switch and PC Programmable Wireless Game Controller
None2.4Ghz USB Dongle

Product Description

  • TURBO Function and MOTION Controls: The ESM-9124 gamepad has the same turbo function and motion control as the official handle. The built-in sensitive six-axis sensor supports motion control, which can greatly increase the player's gaming experience.
  • Linear trigger: This handle uses a linear trigger key, which solves the dilemma that the Switch handle does not have a linear function for the trigger key on the PC end, and is perfectly suitable for both Switch and PC ends.
  • Ultra-long battery life: the handle has a built-in standard 600mA lithium battery, which can actually play for more than 15 hours when the light is not turned on, and can be played for more than 10 hours when the light is turned on.
  • Programming Back Button: The handle has 4 programming back buttons, which can be set to one-click combo moves, one-click big moves, etc., to help players easily become masters.
  • Anti-slip Design: The gamepad grip and the mushroom head of the rocker both adopt the same laser engraving technology as the original Xbox handle, which is extremely delicate and comfortable to hold, and the hands will not sweat and slip after long-term manipulation.

Product Details

Connection method: Bluetooth/wired
Applicable platforms: Switch/Switch Lite/Switch OLED, Windows XP/10/7/8/8.1,Android/iOS
Whether there is vibration: yes
Interface: Type C
Cable length: 1m
Size: 15.2x10.6x6.1
Weight: 211g
Battery parameters
Battery capacity (mAh): 600
Charging time (h): 2.5-3h
Use time (h): ≥10h

Package List

1 x EasySMX Gamepad
1 x USB data cable
1 x Instruction manual

Shipping Worldwide

30 Days Money Back

18 months warranty

Lifetime Customer Support

Long Battery Life

It has a built-in standard 600mAh lithium battery, which can even play for more than 15 hours on a one charge without the lights on, and more than 10 hours with the lights on.

Linear Trigger

It uses a linear trigger button, which solves the dilemma that the trigger button of the Switch handle on the PC side has no linear function, and is totally suitable for the Nintendo Switch and PC side.

Turbo Function And Motion Controls

It has the same turbo function and motion controls as the official controller. The built-in sensitive six-axis sensor supports motion control.

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