Innovative Solution to Steam Deck Overheating Issues

Innovative Solution to Steam Deck Overheating Issues
The Steam Deck is an extremely popular portable gaming device that lets you play your favorite PC games on the go. However, many users have reported that their Steam Deck devices overheat while playing games. This issue obviously affects the performance of the device and the user's gaming experience. The official Steam Deck team has also provided a series of innovative solutions to solve this problem.

First of all, the hardware design of Steam Deck has taken heat dissipation into consideration. The device is equipped with an efficient cooling system, including a custom radiator and a bottom vent to effectively dissipate the heat generated inside. In addition, the device's casing also uses a special material to increase heat dissipation efficiency.

Secondly, the official team of Steam Deck has also launched a software update that can further improve the cooling performance of the device. This update includes some optimizations to the system, such as optimizing the power consumption of the CPU and GPU, and improving the fan control algorithm.

In addition to the official solution proposed by Steam Deck, we have now also made a new solution to this problem. Please watch the video below: 

This is the D10 radiator we developed for the Steam Deck. From the video we can see that the heat of the Steam Deck dropped by about 10°C-12°C. The principle of this radiator is similar to that of a water pump. It can extract the heat from the heat dissipation port of the Steam Deck and then quickly remove it to achieve the heat dissipation effect.

In addition, we set the wind power of the D10 radiator to three levels to meet everyone's different needs while ensuring the battery usage time.

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