EasySMX VIP002W Wireless Gaming Headset review: Price is everything

EasySMX VIP002W Wireless Gaming Headset review: Price is everything

Historically, quality wireless gaming headsets have been rather expensive. In recent years, however, technology has advanced and we're now seeing an increasing number of marvelous wireless options for under $100. Models like the Xbox wireless headset have set a new benchmark for value in the space. Unfortunately, there are some cases where a great price point is just too good to be true.

I recently spent some time with the EasySMX VIP002W Wireless Gaming Headset, which promotes an assortment of premium wireless features for less than $60. It mostly gets the job done in terms of basic functionality and options for the user, and it could even beat the headset that price in double of this one. It probably could be the best choice to find a headset in this price.

Currently the EasySMX VIP002W Wireless Gaming Headset is available for $58 directly through the EasySMX website. While it's tough to compete with the speed of Amazon Prime, EasySMX does offer free standard shipping on most orders within the U.S. The company also frequently provides refererral discounts and promotional codes that can save you even more on your orders.

In my experience with EasySMX accessories, I've found it often pack tons of bonus features and options for customization into its products. The EasySMX VIP002W Wireless Gaming Headset is no different. In addition to the standard controls you'd expect like convenient access to volume level and microphone mute, the VIP002W also gives the user the ability to activate a wide range of RBG accent lights on either side of the headset. This isn't something that necessarily enhances the overall audio experience, but it's a fun way to add a little flair to your gaming sessions.

When it comes to overall comfort, the EasySMX VIP002W Wireless Gaming Headset demonstrates exemplary attention to detail. The large, comfortable ear cuffs gently cover the entire ear and naturally reduce background noise. The swivel hinges connecting the ear cuffs to the headband also provide enormous flexibility for the wearer. Compared to other wireless headsets I've tried in the past, I appreciated how this small amount of give led to a more pleasant head-feel.

When it comes to accessibility and ease of use with the EasySMX VIP002W Wireless Gaming Headset, I have to commend the product on its impressive wireless range. I was able to travel from my office to my kitchen while wearing the headset without any audio interference. This made my mid-session seltzer runs quick and convenient. While the VIP002W range is officially rated for about 30 feet, in my tests I was able to push it slightly beyond that.

While nearly double the price, the Xbox wirelss headset is simply a better use of your money if you're playing on Xbox or PC. With twice the battery life, Dolby Atmos and 3D audio support, and drastically improved audio quality, there's far more to love about this value-driven wireless headset.

The PDP Gaming LVL50 Wireless Stereo Headset is another fantastic option for players looking for a budget-friendly wireless gaming headset. For only $20 more than the EasySMX VIP002W Wireless Gaming Headset, you can get yourself a solid, sleek alternative. The main drawback here is that this headset doesn't offer the same flexibility when it comes to compatibility.

If you're looking for even more impressive options, be sure to check out our collection of the best wireless headset for PC and Xbox.

On paper, the EasySMX VIP002W Wireless Gaming Headset checks a lot of the right boxes. The approachable price point and options for compatibility offer a very appealing value proposition. If $60 is your absolute limit and you don't need to use the microphone, this can certainly provide a mostly adequate gaming experience.

When it comes to the final verdict on the EasySMX VIP002W Wireless Gaming Headset, the pros, absolutely, outweigh the cons. The incredible wireless range and comfortable ear cushions are accompanied with a super audio quality. Features like the customizable RGB lights are neat extras, that bright the headphones once again. While the price is noticeably lower than most of the competition, there are just no more other reasons to not fulfill an order for this headphone.

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