EasySMX Leads Gaming Tech Innovation at CES 2024 with New Product Lineup

EasySMX Leads Gaming Tech Innovation at CES 2024 with New Product Lineup

[Las Vegas, NV] – [9th Jan] – EasySMX, a leading brand in the gaming accessories industry, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Renowned for offering high-quality and affordable gaming peripherals, EasySMX is set to unveil its latest range of products, promising to elevate the gaming experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

At CES 2024, located at Venetian Expo. Booth No.50465, from 9th January to 12th January, EasySMX is proud to unveil the K10, a pioneering gaming keyboard. 

Tailored for PC gamers and streamers, the K10 incorporates extraordinary modularity and advanced Hall Effect Switches, setting a new standard in gaming technology. And it will officially launched early 2024. "Stephen, CEO of EasySMX, remarks, 'With the K10, we're not just creating a product; we're revolutionising the gaming experience for PC gamers. Our aim is to meet the evolving needs of gamers across the globe.''

In addition, the X10 Mechanic Master, a new game controller, is set to make waves with its full-sized mechanical tactile buttons to deliver the latest impression with the controller on your hand. Equipped with all Hall Effect Sensor Systems (Dual Joysticks & Dual Triggers), X10 has superior durability & guaranteed reliability. And with 3 swappable magnetic components, gamers can explore more fun of customization. As for more cool features, you can visit here.

"Stephen states, 'Our new gaming keyboard and controller are not just gadgets, but game changers as well as gamer’s choice. They embody our dedication to pushing the limits of gaming technology and adding more fun to real gaming.'

Attendees at CES 2024 will have the unique opportunity to personally experience the superior performance and innovative design of EasySMX's latest products. The booth will showcase interactive displays, live demonstrations, and exclusive previews of forthcoming products.

In its continuous effort to innovate and excite, EasySMX extends an invitation to all CES participants to join in a series of interactive events at their booth. These events are designed to not only showcase the capabilities of their new products but also to deepen community engagement and provide a memorable experience for all visitors.

For more details about EasySMX's involvement at CES 2024 and their upcoming products, please visit easysmx.com or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.


About EasySMX

EasySMX is a professional brand dedicated to gaming technologies and peripherals for over 9 years. With a commitment to innovation and quality, EasySMX has earned numerous BEST SELLER titles on Amazon, serving a global community of gaming enthusiasts.

Running its self-owned R&D Centre, Manufacturing Centre, Consumer Research Centre, and Audio Labs, EasySMX continues to push the boundaries of gaming technology.

For more information about EasySMX, visit www.easysmx.com.


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