Baldur's Gate 3 Review: The Real Feelings It Brings to Me

Baldur's Gate 3 Review: The Real Feelings It Brings to Me
Built on the all-new Divinity 4.0 engine, Baldur's Gate 3 gives you unprecedented freedom to explore, experiment, and interact with a thriving world filled with characters, danger, and deception. Your actions define the adventure, but your choices determine your legacy. You will be remembered!

1. Interesting Place
I also remember encountering a terrifying undead boss at one point, but managed to avoid combat through a drinking match with it. Thanks to my high "Constitution" attribute, I can continue to encourage it to drink without being affected by alcohol, until the boss drinks himself to death. The world is amazingly flexible, and almost nothing is impossible.

You can also invite up to three friends to play together in local or online co-op with their custom characters. I was really impressed with the smooth, seamless co-op experience, as it's so easy to join or leave a session no matter what stage your friends are in.
It's the complexity of Baldur's Gate 3 that makes this high-quality online experience stand out. When you discover that you can have one of your teammates distract the guards by chatting with them while the other takes the opportunity to steal items from behind, the game takes fun and banter to a whole new level.

2. Unique Scenery
The story of Baldur's Gate 3 dances across three exciting chapters. Each chapter showcases a unique scenery and atmosphere, set off by a catchy theme music. The first chapter takes you into the idyllic wilderness, the second chapter takes you into a dark and terrifying world, and the third chapter is an adventure in a crowded city.

While the pacing can feel a bit lengthy at times, as Chapter 1 requires multiple clues to solve the same puzzle, Chapter 2 keeps throwing questions with few answers until the final battle is revealed. But when I think about unexplored areas, well-designed side quests and challenging battles, I am full of enthusiasm and motivation.
While the first two chapters had many tough choices, I feel like the important decisions in chapter three in preparation for the final battle really push the story to its climax. When I reached the city and realized how far the enemy was ahead, I was frustrated, but felt there was a chance to turn the tables and find sincere allies. The final scene shocked me deeply.

3. Be Yourself
In the world of Baldur's Gate 3, you have complete freedom to determine who you are as a character. The character creator is arguably the best in the industry, offering 29 different racial subspecies, each with their own unique abilities and appearances. What's more, you can choose among twelve classes, and each class has at least three sub-classes, and the selection of sub-classes for mages and priests is even richer.
I love the way the races, enemies, and even the clothing are designed in the game. Just looking at my charming red-haired elf ranger gives me pleasure.

4. Group Clearance
In the game "Baldur's Gate 3", you will go on an adventure with a group of colorful and diverse companions. Complex and varied, with interesting flaws, these characters grow as the game progresses, but sometimes regress. I quickly became close friends with the passionate tiefling Karak, whose heart seemed to be an untimely demon bomb; in addition, the mysterious priest Shadowheart, the proud mage Gale and The determined druid Halsing, who can even take the form of a black bear or other animal.

There are other teammates in the game, each with an elaborate backstory, as well as significant growth and change over the course of the game. The main villains are also vivid, and I'll try to avoid spoiling their specific plots, but I can tell you that they all have complex motives and strong malevolence, and they become huge threats in the later stages of the epic adventure.
The combat aspect is just as engaging. You might face off against a horde of horrific bug-shaped monsters that can immobilize everyone in terror. So, I had to find a strategy that would win the fight even without moving. The enemy AI is very cunning and ferocious, especially on the hardest hardcore mode. In any fight, I cannot simply rely on general tactics to win easily. You have to think carefully about your strategy, or be prepared to reload your most recent save after a failure.

5. The Way Of Living
If you're sharp and resourceful enough, there will often be opportunities to balance the situation or avoid a fight. For example, looking around for hanging weights or lone enemies can give you the opportunity to push them off a cliff to start a fight in a different way.

When your team is upgraded to level five and you have hoarded some magic items, you can boldly display attack skills with the addition of various abilities and environments. My personal favorite is a pair of magic boots that allow me to use a "Misty Step" ability after each short rest, which instantly teleports anywhere within line of sight (usually this ability is exclusive to mages). This greatly enhances my ranger's tactical deployment capabilities, allowing me to quickly move to high ground that is difficult for the enemy to reach and overlook the entire battlefield.
Some head-to-head boss fights can get tricky as the game gets into the later stages. However, by being flexible with the resources at hand, I was able to reduce the difficulty considerably. For example, I can have my two invisible mages walk up to an enemy quietly and blast Disintegrate in their faces before they have a chance to react. After all, nothing is impossible in this game world, and no one can stop me from achieving victory in my own way.

At Last
I'm not advocating that Baldur's Gate 3 be the benchmark for every CRPG (Computer Role-Playing Game), but there is no doubt that Baldur's Gate 3 has become an important milestone in this category.

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