Black Myth: Wukong: A New Soul-like Force That Changes The Game Landscape

Black Myth: Wukong: A New Soul-like Force That Changes The Game Landscape
Since its debut in 2020, the action RPG game "Black Myth: Wukong" has immediately attracted the attention of a large number of players with its unique combat experience and dazzling performance. At the 2023 Gamescom, the game appeared again and provided trial play, allowing players to experience its smooth and comfortable operation first-hand.

Unique Combat Experience
Although many elements of "Black Myth: Wukong", such as the difficult boss battle as the core, campfire save points, etc., show that it is a Souls-like game, it is inappropriate to simply compare it with any FromSoftware game. Fair. Its combat style combines the coldness and speed of "Sekiro" with an emphasis on the dodge elements of "Bloodborne", but its actual combat experience is completely an innovative attempt.
The protagonist of the game is Sun Wukong from the classic Chinese novel "Journey to the West". He is designed as a monkey holding a stick. He cannot block the enemy's attacks and can only avoid damage by dodging and jumping. This design makes combat more dynamic, as players need to constantly move to avoid enemy attacks. Although this fighting method means that players cannot experience the satisfaction of a perfect shield counterattack, accurately dodging the enemy's attack when it is about to hit will also bring a high degree of satisfaction.EasySMX Black Myth Wukong

Rich Combat Skills
The combat system of "Black Myth: Wukong" is designed to be very flexible. Players can fuse multiple attack modes together by switching between different stick techniques, such as spear-like thrusting movements. Players can accumulate stick power through light attacks, and then consume stick power to perform heavy attacks, including flying kicks from pole vaulting, heavy attacks that spin and hit enemies, etc. This design enables every action to reflect elements of Chinese mythology and martial arts, giving players a high sense of accomplishment.
Characters in the game can also use a variety of spells, such as Hold, Cloud Step, Crimson Tide, etc., to assist in combat. These spells have a wide range of uses, and can temporarily enhance the character's dodge ability, transform into a wolf demon with a flaming knife, summon a monkey clone to attack, etc. This rich design of combat skills allows players to flexibly choose the most suitable combat strategy according to different combat situations.EasySMX Black Myth Wukong

Display at Gamescom
At the 2023 Gamescom, developer Game Science showed off the trial demo of "Black Myth: Wukong", including three boss battles and an explorable area containing ordinary enemies. The battles are very cleverly designed and the scenes are very beautiful.
For example, in the Xiaolilong boss battle, players will face a giant pig/dragon/human hybrid that wields an electric hammer that can smash rocks in the field. This boss moves slowly, but its attacks are very powerful and can force players to be on the defensive for a long time. It unleashes a series of lightning pulse attacks, forming a ring that spreads outward from its location, requiring players to jump to avoid it. This design gives combat a sense of rhythm and precision similar to that of a rhythm action game.EasySMX Black Myth Wukong

Overall, although the trial demo of "Black Myth: Wukong" is only a brief showcase, it successfully demonstrates the uniqueness, challenge, rhythm and skills of the game. These performances make it expected to be one of the most exciting action RPG games in the Souls-like era. Although the game's RPG system, character growth, level design and other aspects have yet to be further demonstrated, if these aspects can reach a level that matches the boss battle, then "Black Myth: Wukong" will undoubtedly become a successful work.