Into Mythology: Early Access to Black Myth: Wukong

Into Mythology: Early Access to Black Myth: Wukong
First of all, let us congratulate "Black Myth: Wukong" for winning the Best Visual Award at this month's Cologne Games Show! Produced by Game Science Company and based on Chinese classical mythology, this ARPG game not only allows players to appreciate the magnificent mythical world, but also allows them to embark on a journey to find the truth with Wukong.

On August 20 this year, Hangzhou ushered in a unique "Black Myth: Wukong" experience event. More than a thousand players gathered to experience the latest developments in the game in action. Today, let us discuss in depth the details and highlights of this trial version.

Player experience and skill configuration:
In this demo, combat and skills are mainly highlighted. Although players cannot fully experience the growth system of the protagonist, the game has prepared various skills and equipment for them. Wukong not only has light attack and heavy attack, but also can switch between three attack postures at any time, and has a variety of spells, such as immobilization, copper head and iron arm. Two unique transformation techniques allow players to experience the different fighting styles of the fire knife wolf and the insect-headed monster.

In-depth analysis of Ziyun Mountain level:
The Ziyun Mountain level provides players with rich scene choices such as woods, villages and temples. On the way, players not only have to face the challenges of four or five kinds of mobs and miscellaneous soldiers, but also the hidden Boss—the Poison Enemy King, whose powerful attack and poisoning skills make the player experience an unforgettable trial.

Boss battle overview:
Centipede: The first one to appear is the centipede, which hides in caves. In addition to its regular attacks, it will also release poisonous gas spells, requiring players to quickly detoxify. This Boss difficulty is considered to be the easiest in this trial version. I believe that most players should be able to defeat him relatively easily after they are familiar with his offensive routines.
Chijiri Horse Monkey: Next is Chijiri Horse Monkey. The battle with this Boss is a highlight of this trial. Players will experience the exact same battle process as in the trailer, with impressive snow effects. To add to the challenge, if it is wounded to half health at a certain time, it will transform into a second form, and its attack style will change drastically.
Tiger Herald: Finally, there is Tiger Herald located in the temple. This Boss has similar skills to the protagonist and can perform serial attacks on players. Not only does he have both physical attack and magic attack skills, but he also has great damage in combo moves. It is easy to be taken away by him accidentally. He is the second most difficult Boss in this trial.

Combat strategy and features:
In "Black Myth: Wukong", the fusion of physical attack and magic attack is a highlight. For example, players can immobilize enemies with hold spells first, and then perform physical attacks to ensure higher damage output. As for Wukong's main weapon, the stick, its attack style and action changes are very rich, bringing players a unique ARPG experience.

In summary, the Hangzhou trial version of "Black Myth: Wukong" gives players a deeper understanding and expectation of it. From skill configuration to combat strategy, to various boss battles, this game shows its unique charm. Let us look forward to the release of its official version, and embark on this journey to the west full of fantasy and adventure with Wukong.

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