Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater is Getting a Full Remake

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater is Getting a Full Remake
This is a great game for beginners.
Since MGS2, Kojima has repeatedly claimed that each new entry will be his last Metal Gear game--except, ironically, MGSV, which is his last game. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" may have been the motto of many wildly successful AAA video game franchises, but that seems to be Kojima's curse, and that's by no means a bad thing. All forms of entertainment would be better off if innovation and creativity were seen as worthwhile pursuits rather than financially risky endeavors. That said, video games are software, and development is an iterative process.

Metal Gear Solid 3 is one of the rare examples of games made by Kojima's team that didn't break ground in some ways: MGS4 pushed the limits of the PlayStation 3's unit architecture, and Peace Walker did the same for the PSP , while also splitting the integration of the Metal Gear experience into portable mini-quests that can be played cooperatively. To make Metal Gear Solid 5, Kojima and his team developed a new proprietary game engine, The Fox Engine, from the ground up. After parting ways with Konami, Kojima quickly started working on Death Stranding, but that required setting up an entire studio, hiring a team, and traveling the world to find a character who could render a realistic Norman Reedus. Shit and gurgling game engine. monster energy.

MGS3 feels familiar, but also introduces new concepts like choosing the right camouflage, dealing with wounds, and adding the eponymous stamina meter (which requires eating snakes)
Metal Gear Solid 2 made the PlayStation 2 stand out, and Metal Gear Solid 3, far from resting on its laurels or feeling the same, clearly builds on the foundations of its predecessor. That said, when everyone expects twists, it does: after "MGS2" ended the story with an unresolved rat's nest hanging over a cliff's edge, the sequel is effectively a prequel. MGS3 feels familiar to play, but it also introduces completely crazy new concepts, like the need to choose the right camouflage for each environment, dealing with wounds and diseases, and of course the wild animals of the same name and stamina meters that need to be eaten . snake. The development team will likely be able to focus on these fresh new ideas because they're not preoccupied with figuring out new hardware and/or completely reinventing the basic mechanics.

So, yeah, it's a roundabout way of saying that remaking Snake Eater is a good idea because it's a great game. Not exactly rocket science. Understand the many twists and turns in the Metal Gear series' intricate narrative? That's another story. Another great thing about Snake Eater is that it's a prequel--chronologically, it's the earliest game in the Metal Gear timeline, so it can be played without any background knowledge.

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