My Time at Sandrock: The Rising Star of the Healing Game

My Time at Sandrock and EasySMX gaming controller
As a new member in the growing family of healing games, My Time at Sandrock has won the hearts of players with its unique theme and fun. Not only is this game immersive in its enjoyable gaming experience, but its theme of "optimism in the face of a difficult life" also makes it stand out from many similar games. In My Time at Sandrock, players can experience the fun of cats becoming star guards and the streets being decorated with lights during the holidays. Newly moved residents will receive a warm welcome, and the game also has many elements of Western movies, such as the main street with bars and grocery stores, Western decoration, etc.

Rich story line
My Time at Sandrock has three main storylines: protecting the town and surrounding areas from mutant lizards; finding a way to reverse the desertification caused by the ruins' gold rush; and hunting down the villain Logan. These storylines take place almost every day, so players always have something to do. The beginning of a new episode is always exciting because it's hard to predict what will happen next.
My Time at Sandrock and EasySMX gaming controller
Combat system - basic melee ACT and gun shooting
The combat system still maintains the basic melee ACT format, which is suitable for short and concise battles. Most of the combat in the game is quick. Third-person gun shooting provides new tricks for combat. Although it will not fundamentally change the combat experience, it adds a lot of fun.
My Time at Sandrock and EasySMX gaming controller
Weapon types and dungeon exploration
It is said that there are many kinds of weapons in the game, but apart from the basic stone throwing, the author has only seen five melee weapons and two firearms. It might be more engaging if high-quality puzzle elements or new weapons could be added to each mandatory dungeon exploration session. The developers try to include branching rooms with treasure chests, but these are usually not worth the trouble. Treasure chests in mazes and larger maps are mostly of little value, with rewards ranging from small amounts of money to new recipes.
My Time at Sandrock and EasySMX gaming controller
Rich characters and stories
The residents of Sandstone Town have a variety of accents, including strong Western accents, adding to the game's realism. They like to create humor through exaggerated effects and quotations from movies. There are 45 befriendable characters in the town, and as the story progresses, more characters will move into the town. Some NPCs only appear in specific plots. Although they cannot improve the favorability, they bring prosperity and vitality to Sandstone Town.
My Time at Sandrock and EasySMX gaming controller
Rich side mission experience
In addition to the main missions, the needs of residents provide a steady stream of side missions. These missions often involve a character's backstory or aspirations, and completing them unlocks new mini-games and activities. Through these additional tasks, players can increase their friendship with related characters, unlocking new lines, occasional gifts, store discounts, and even strategy opportunities.
My Time at Sandrock and EasySMX gaming controller
Rich and colorful game content
In addition to activities such as making items, farming, caring for animals, making friends, catching sand, cooking, decorating rooms, mining, etc., there are also many mini-games for players to try. Some mini-games only appear during the holidays, but can be played almost any time in the Game Center. In addition, there are more activities to do, such as horses, mining jetpacks, sensor goggles, machines in the workshop, etc. There are plenty of opportunities to upgrade and strengthen.
My Time at Sandrock and EasySMX gaming controller
Multiplayer online mode - cooperate to build Shashi Town
The PC multiplayer online mode requires players to build Sandstone Town from scratch. In this mode, everything needs to be rebuilt, including department stores, scrapyards, and even train stations and railroad tracks. Up to four players must work together to clean up the town and decide which new facilities to build. The progress of municipal projects depends first on the cooperation of the players and then on the resources needed to build the facilities. Increasing your reputation unlocks more content. This mode adds interesting changes to the single-player mode. Even if the host is offline, other players can continue to play in the town in the online mode.
My Time at Sandrock and EasySMX gaming controller
My Time at Sandrock provides players with a variety of fun: whether it's collecting resources, crafting items, or interacting with townspeople, you'll never get tired of it. The new online mode provides another interesting way to develop a desert town, and also brings new challenges, making both online and single-player modes worth trying.

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