NBA 2K24: A Masterpiece That Blends Realism and Gameplay

NBA 2K24
NBA 2K24 is the highly anticipated latest entry in the NBA 2K series. Although it did not introduce some earth-shattering new mechanisms, the game once again showed amazing strength in terms of graphics performance and on-court gameplay. One of the most notable features of this update is the new ProPLAY feature, which allows the game to convert footage from NBA games into in-game animations in real time. Simply put, this means that in NBA 2K24, the action on the court becomes smoother and more immersive.NBA 2K24

This excellent sense of realism is especially noticeable against teams with superstars. For example, the appearance and movements of players such as LeBron James are almost exactly the same as in reality, and the continuous improvement of the AI in the game has also made the performance of computer opponents more realistic. Even veteran players of the "NBA 2K" series will find it quite a challenge and will not feel that their opponents will give in easily. This means the ball always goes to the best player on the field, and improved animations significantly improve the visual experience of the game.
I also feel more challenged as an attacker. The pick-and-roll tactics commonly used in previous games are now no longer so easy, and even defenders without the ball can respond to the opponent's strategy more intelligently. For example, if a forward who relies on breakthrough offense has a low shooting percentage, the defender Will keep his distance more intelligently, forcing opponents to opt for jump shots or passes.NBA 2K24

However, a long-standing problem with the NBA 2K series has been its lack of fast-break gameplay, one of the most interesting elements of real-life basketball. The existence of this problem means that good defense rarely has an impact on the score of the game. Additionally, the AI occasionally makes puzzling decisions, such as calling a timeout at an inappropriate time late in a game.

Perhaps you'd expect the commentators to point out these odd pauses, but unfortunately, they don't. Despite this, the quality of the English commentary in the game was excellent and the half-time performances from O'Neill, Ernie and Kenneth were still quite impressive. Of course, Charles Barkley has stayed true to his word and declined to appear in the NBA 2K series, but fans still miss him.

NBA 2K24 succeeds in creating tense moments in the game, but often doesn't provide enough feedback for those moments. If spectators, players and coaches on the court can better react to highlight moments, the game can get closer to those historic moments in NBA games.NBA 2K24

However, for most players, they may choose to buy the standard version of NBA 2K24, which means that the overall player rating created at the beginning is only 60, which is obviously a bit ridiculous. Due to the economic system in the game, you can only get a very small amount of virtual currency VC if you lose frequently. This creates a vicious cycle: without strong enough players, the game becomes more difficult