New Highlights in the Remastered Edition of "Star Ocean The Second Story R"

EasySMX Star Ocean The Second Story R
"Star Ocean The Second Story R" is a remake of the game that will be launched on Nintendo, PS4, PS5 and Steam platforms on November 2, 2023. This game is the second work in the "Star Ocean" series. The original game was released in 1998 and is a game for the first-generation PS platform. After many years, SE has completely remade the original work. It not only changed the graphics, system and other elements to make it more suitable for contemporary gaming habits, but also added a series of new content to enhance the playability and attraction of the game. force.

1. The main changes between the remake and the original version
First of all, the most significant change is the full 3D graphics. The original 2D background has been fully upgraded to a 3D background, making the overall visual effect of the game more three-dimensional and realistic. In addition, many new elements have been added to the combat system, such as the release of skills of non-appearing teammates, new assault actions, etc., making the combat more rich and interesting. The overall UI has also been optimized and becomes more modern and clear. In addition, convenient functions such as a free conversation system and a fast travel system have been added.

2. Two versions of voice actor lineup
The remastered version will include the voice actors from both the original PS version and the PSP version. The production of the PS version was limited by technology and capacity, and did not achieve full voice. However, the remake specially invited the voice actors of the year to re-dub, so that old players can relive their memories. The voices of the PSP version have also been included in order to take into account the habits and needs of users of both the PS version and the PSP version.EasySMX Star Ocean The Second Story R

3. No need to know the previous storyline
Although "Star Ocean The Second Story R" is the second work in the "Star Ocean" series, it is a completely independent work and does not require players to understand the previous storyline. In order to allow new players to better understand the characters and the plot, the game enhances information on the character's background, such as mutual discussions between party members, dialogue, and hints about the upcoming plot. Many new functions have also been added to the combat part, giving the characters more room to play and the combat rhythm has also been accelerated.

4. 2.5D art style
"Star Ocean The Second Story R" adopts a 2.5D art style of 3D background + dot matrix characters + 2D character drawing. This is to not only reproduce the charm of the original work, but also to allow both old and new players to recognize and appreciate the game's art style. Therefore, the background of the game has been redrawn into a very beautiful 3D background, and the 2D vertical painting is a powerful complement to the dot matrix characters, allowing players to see more details in the character's image design.EasySMX Star Ocean The Second Story R

5. New combat system
In terms of the combat system, in addition to the previously mentioned functions such as the release of skills of non-appearing teammates and new assault actions, there are many other detailed adjustments. For example, the probability of failure in making items has been reduced, and the "factor" effect when making props has been increased to encourage players to try more and experience more. The character's skills have also undergone a lot of adjustments, including not only the special effects, numerical values, and judgment effects of the skills, but also the changes in the skills after the proficiency increases.

6. Hide BOSS settings
Although there are no new characters in the hidden BOSS, there is a new powerful BOSS called "Elite Enemy". These BOSS will wander around the map and are very powerful. For players who like challenges, they are a challenge not to be missed.EasySMX Star Ocean The Second Story R

7. Convenient reminder system
The remastered version adds a new feature called "Guide Map", which can mark where free conversations will occur, where there will be tasks, and other information, allowing players to more easily grasp the progress of the game. In addition, there will also be prompts after entering the town, which can mark where you can complete tasks, where you can buy equipment and other information.
The remastered version of "Star Ocean The Second Story R" brings many highlights, including screen upgrades, voice actor reunion, free dialogue system, fast travel system, 3D background + 2.5D character drawing, idle teammates participating in battle, and upgrade of prompt system. , item creation system improvements, skill adjustments and powerful "elite enemy" BOSS, etc. The development team's careful polishing and consideration of the experience of fans of the original work and new players have made this work more complete and interesting.EasySMX Star Ocean The Second Story R

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