Overview of Upcoming Update for Forza Horizon 5 EventLab 2.0

Overview of Upcoming Update for Forza Horizon 5 EventLab 2.0
Playground Games recently showcased the next update for "Forza Horizon 5" in their "Let's Go" live stream. This is an exciting update for those who enjoy using the game's EventLab environment customization tools.

Players will see a lot of changes in the tool, along with the introduction of a brand new environment called "EventLab Island," which will provide more freedom for your creations.

EventLab 2.0
In EventLab 2.0, various new tools will be provided. First, there will be new quick capture nodes on many projects, enabling you to quickly combine multiple props to create seamless long or wide environments.

Next, the new selection mode will allow players to select multiple different projects at once and use any move or size tool to operate them as a whole. This will also allow players to duplicate or delete a set of props.
All these new tools and features are integrated into the new "prefabs" functionality. This means players can save prop groupings to create a "giant prop" and then duplicate all props at once. This even allows players to come back later without starting from scratch and share with others. The prefab browser will allow you to search for other players' prefabs, and if people download your prefab, you will receive in-game credits.EasySMX Forza Horizon 5 EventLab 2.0

EventLab Island
EventLab Island is a brand new location, made up of a 2km x 2km (about 1.25 x 1.25 miles) flat concrete block located in the middle of the ocean. There are no existing objects on the island, allowing players to place things more freely without running into trees, and the prop budget is higher.

This means you can create anything you want without being limited by the terrain of Horizon Mexico. Many players chose to build a slightly elevated surface on the terrain of Horizon Mexico to create a constant slope, and now, you are not limited by the blocks, and you can even build on the ocean.

Additionally, the new time and weather selector will allow you to build environments under appropriate conditions. This way, you can see how it looks without having to test run it, and you can also customize the checkpoint markers with different styles and colors.

New Props and Custom Flyers
Of course, there is also a range of new props to choose from. Interestingly, players can now take photos of their completed EventLab work to use as a cover instead of the default car images.

This will also help players navigate the EventLabs as the lab has been expanded to remove the 15 event limit. Now, you can view events on multiple results pages.

New Vehicles
While this is an update to improve the overall quality of life rather than specific to Series 25, fortunately, there are eight new cars to master, and one of them has a very important additional feature.

It's a busy month for BMW as a fairly heavy BMW has joined the race. This is the challenging xDrive50 form of the BMW iX electric SUV; many are curious whether it will have the "IconicSounds" feature composed by Hans Zimmer in the cabin view.

Another BMW electric car, the i4 eDrive40, will also be offered as a seasonal reward car, requiring 20 points.
More traditional fuel-powered BMWs will also be available, including the new M3 Comparison and M2, as well as the classic 850i Coupe.EasySMX Forza Horizon 5 EventLab 2.0

Rivian will also launch two electric vehicles, making their debut in the Forza Horizon series. Players will be able to drive the R1S SUV and R1T pickup by winning special playlist events in the autumn and spring seasons (specifically, the EventLab challenges).

The final car is the 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray, which will be delivered to players for free at the end of the series, but there are some hurdles to overcome. Many might think it is the cover car for the upcoming Forza Motorsport, but this is actually incorrect.

To get the E-Ray, you need to play Forza Motorsport, starting from October 10th, the car will be sent to your FH5 garage for free. If you have already purchased the premium edition of Forza Motorsport (or the premium add-on upgrade) and can get early access, then you can receive it early on October 5th.

Update Release Time
The Series 25 update will be released around 16:00 (UTC) on Tuesday, September 12, and the new series playlist will start at 07:00 (UTC) on Wednesday, September 13.