Recommend 5 AAA Games for Nintendo Switch

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When talking about switch, most people’s first thought is Mario and the like. Of course, Mario is an absolute classic! Because of this, many people think that the Switch is full of childish games. First of all, this idea is absolutely incorrect. This time I recommend a few AAA masterpieces on the switch for your reference. Without further ado, let’s play the game!

1. Bayonetta Series
The Bayonetta game series is famous for its gorgeous combat and stunning gaming experience. This series of action games is not only visually impressive, but the gameplay is equally exciting. In "Bayonetta 1", the story revolves around Bayonetta, the last survivor of the ancient witch tribe, who sets off a spectacular battle storm after her awakening.
"Bayonetta 2" tells the story of a hell monster summoned out of control. In order to save Bayonetta, Jeanne's soul was knocked out of her body and was then pulled to hell. In "Bayonetta 3", the game's combat system has been significantly upgraded and improved, making the combat more refreshing and interesting, while being easy to use and not lacking in depth.

Bayonetta 3

2.Astral Chain
"Chains from Another World" is an action-adventure game set in the future world of 2043. It takes place on a huge artificial island built by humans to escape sudden disasters. This disaster resulted from the unexpected emergence of a huge wormhole, which caused severe pollution and damage to more than 90% of the earth's area. For the survival and future of mankind, the survivors gathered on this artificial island, hoping to rebuild their homes. In "Alien Chain", the player will play a rookie police officer who has just joined the police force. The officer will be drawn into a complex series of events and mysterious cases related to the Chimera invasion. The game not only requires players to conduct investigations and searches to uncover the truth behind the incident, but also requires many fierce battles with Chimera in the process. By cooperating with Armored Legion, players will gradually unlock more combat skills and strategies to enhance their combat capabilities to face increasingly severe challenges.

Astral Chain

3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The game is adapted from the novel "The Witcher" series. It is the third work in the "Witcher" series and the finale of Geralt's adventure. Since The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, those who wanted to take advantage of Geralt are no longer around. Geralt seeks to change his life and embark on a new personal mission, while the order of the world is quietly changing. With a huge open world, wonderful stories, rich exploration content and interesting combat system, it has once again written a new chapter for this epic from Poland. It is also a re-certification of CD Projekt Red's status in the world. In the contemporary gaming world, being able to play a first-tier RPG is no small achievement.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

4. Shin Megami Tensei V
This game series has always been known for its high difficulty. This time Shin Megami Tensei V also inherits the good tradition of the series. The archiving method is changed to fixed-point archiving, and the setting of GAME OVER when the protagonist dies returns again. It has improved many parts that should be improved, deleted unnecessary designs, and added features that help improve the experience. Even if the difficulty is not low, it is difficult to refuse the challenge. In addition to the flaw of frame rate, the strange storyline and narrative rhythm ruin an interesting world view structure. Overall, this is an RPG that is worth playing, and it has been improved to be more user-friendly in order to allow more players to be exposed to its core charm, whether they have only heard of the reputation of Shin Megami Tensei, or were even persuaded back then. Even if you quit, you can try this game.

Shin Megami Tensei V

5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The background of the game is set 200 years after The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, in the Skyrim Province of the Human Empire. Players will take on the role of the legendary Dragonborn and embark on a journey against the world-devourer dragon Alduin. In addition, there are various branch lines and hidden tasks such as civil war in the sky, magical artifacts, underground ruins, organizational forces, etc., with a huge world view and a high degree of freedom. It has lived up to the expectations of many RPG veterans. It has reached a near-perfect level. The graphics are exquisite and atmospheric at the same time. The impeccable control system ensures that players are not troubled by too many non-game factors. The meticulous graphics turn the adventure into a game. The luxurious visual enjoyment and vast talent and skill tree system can always allow interested players to find a unique path to character development. Compared with these advantages, some flaws are just the light of fireflies under the scorching sun. Betheda can repair the flaws and add new plots, equipment and skills through subsequent DLC expansions.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

When exploring AAA games on Nintendo Switch, players tend to look for experiences that offer depth, richness, and high production values. Whether delving into vast open worlds, engaging in tense battles, or unraveling complex plots, these top-notch games will satisfy even the most discerning players. Of course, in order to truly enjoy the full potential of these games, a better Nintendo Swith game controller is essential.