Sand Land- Mysterious Sand Adventure

Sand Land- Mysterious Sand Adventure

Released Date:April 26,2024

Sand Land is an action role-playing game adapted from the namesake manga by Akira Toriyama, developed and published by a renowned game developer. The game invites players into an arid adventure world set in a future where water is scarce, and humans, demons, and other creatures battle for survival. In this desert realm known as "Sand Land," the protagonist, Beelzebub, a disillusioned demon police officer, teams up with a young human priest and a seasoned vampire warrior to search for the legendary water source that could save their parched land.

Core Features:

Characters and World Setting:

The game boasts a distinct visual style designed by Toriyama himself, ensuring a unique aesthetic and faithful adaptation of the original work. Players encounter a variety of characters, each with their own backstory and motivations.

 Versatile Vehicle System:

A highlight of the game is its vehicle system, allowing players to traverse the desert aboard various vehicles such as combat cars, motorcycles, and jump machines, each equipped with unique abilities tailored to different terrains and combat scenarios. Vehicles can be customized and upgraded to enhance exploration and combat effectiveness.

Base Building Mechanics:

The game incorporates base-building elements, enabling players to establish and develop their own camp. This serves not only as a resting and preparation area but also as a hub for equipment enhancement and strategic planning. By gathering resources and completing missions, players unlock new structures and facilities, strengthening their team's overall capabilities.

Action and Adventure:

Merging fast-paced action gameplay with the depth of a role-playing experience, SAND LAND pits players against diverse enemies and challenges across the sprawling desert world, including giant monsters and hostile factions like "Hearts." The combat system emphasizes strategy and skill, requiring players to adeptly utilize character abilities and vehicle advantages.


The game closely follows the original manga's narrative threads while incorporating new story elements and characters, offering players a rich storytelling experience. As the game progresses, players gradually uncover hidden secrets and embark on a thrilling adventure.

Multimedia Collaboration:

SAND LAND is part of a multimedia project that includes theatrical animations and a television series, further enriching the game's backstory and creating a more immersive Sand Land universe.