Super Mario Bros Wonder —Classic Sequel After 11 Years

Super Mario Bros Wonder and EasySMX Controller
As a traditional 2D side-scrolling Mario game, "Super Mario Bros Wonder" is closer to the FC trilogy and "Super Mario World" than to those more experimental 3D works. However, compared to its 2D predecessors, Wonder re-emphasizes the importance of level design, injecting a sense of vitality and wonder into each world.
Even the briefest glimpse shows how beautiful Wonder looks. It has a sense of liveliness and dynamics usually only seen in 3D Mario games. Among the levels I played, the level of detail in the 2D levels reached a new level, taking the wonder of Wonder to a whole new level.Super Mario Bros Wonder and EasySMX Controller

From the chattering Huahua who likes to talk about chicken soup and is sometimes suspiciously curious, to the snot bubbles coming out of the sleeping chestnut baby, to various other small details, this game is full of interesting things, and I carefully observed the things on the screen. Every inch of space never gets boring.

The characters also have more personality. Mario's expressions and body language are richer than ever, whether it's the way he swings his legs rapidly, or the scene where he leaves his hat behind when entering the water pipe, or the way he transforms into a super cute form and runs angrily, The scene where the hat is used as a parachute is full of details. It's clear that the developers put a lot of care into crafting the world and characters, and the end result speaks for itself. I can confidently say that this is the most beautiful Mario game ever made.
However, "Super Mario Bros Wonder" is not just Mario's world, there are many other characters to choose from. However, what is a bit disappointing is that except for Yoshi and Lepus, the performance of other characters is exactly the same, and there is no difference in control.Super Mario Bros Wonder and EasySMX Controller

This was obviously done to give multiplayer players a similar experience, and while I can understand this choice, I still feel like it's a waste of platforming and puzzle-solving potential. It would be a great addition to Wonder's replayability if a level could be replayed with characters with different abilities and access previously inaccessible areas.

Mario and his friends still have a variety of persistent forms, such as the very practical drill hat form, the classic fireball form, the elephant form that became very popular after appearing in the trailer, etc., all of which can change your How to play. These abilities not only increase the variety of levels, but often, together with the special effects of badges, are the key to collecting the "surprise seeds" hidden in the levels. This often prompted me to reload the demo levels, try out new abilities, and see how cleverly hidden seeds I missed were.
In my opinion, this is the key to the success of Super Mario Bros Wonder. I’m not talking specifically about squeezing enemies with a hose, but rather — evolving familiar recipes in creative ways. The basic framework of 2D Mario is almost as old as the gaming industry itself, but Nintendo continues to find new ways to deliver fun, adding new ideas that don't feel out of place to keep fans coming back to the world of Mario.Super Mario Bros Wonder and EasySMX Controller

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