TEKKEN 8-Let's Become the King of Fighting

When the new character Azucena meets Lily, she says: "The best drink in the world must be coffee" and "Let me teach you, black tea is the real ultimate." These two sentences put the two characters at odds with each other and they had to compete! As a highly anticipated boxing game, "Tekken 8" will be officially released on Jan 26, 2024.

As one of the most anticipated fighting games, "Tekken 8" is scheduled to be officially released on January 26, 2024. Before then, we can only experience the game through its beta version. Let’s hear what our testers had to say about their first impressions!
The game screen is richer. Stunning visuals are the hallmark of a great fighting game, and Tekken 8 raises the bar by leveraging Unreal Engine 5, taking the game's graphics to a whole new level. Attention to detail is evident throughout, from the way characters interact with and destroy the battlefield, to the transition of scenes from day to night between rounds. For example, the Town Square Stage looks like you've stepped into the heart of Manhattan.TEKKEN 8

The combat experience has become more immersive, with improved character reactions to strikes, aerial sound effects, interactive stage elements, and the impact of powerful moves. Additionally, players can now map commands to the L3 and R3 buttons. The game also gives players more options to customize the visuals to their liking. These changes are not only obvious, but also very beneficial and enhance the overall gaming experience.

The characters are more vivid. The characters display a high degree of realism, especially how they react when hit or knocked down. There are 19 available characters in the beta version, namely: Kazama Jin, Mishima Kazama, Kazama Jun, Paul, Marshall Law, Leopard King, Lars, Ling Xiaoyu, Jack-8, Nina, Kazama Asuka, Le Roy Smith, Hwarang, Lily, Brian, Claudio, Feng Wei, Raven, and Acuzena.TEKKEN 8
Of the new characters introduced in the beta, my personal favorite is Acuzena. She brings unique fighting skills to the table, including sidestepping stances, powerful kicks, effective combos, and nimble side steps. Her character design is also very cool and reflects Tekken 8's high attention to detail.

Fighting mode changed. One notable improvement I found was the addition of a simplified combo input mode, which helped enhance my gameplay. A simplified combo mode (called "Special Style") assigns most of the character's movements to the ABXY buttons on the controller. This makes performing actions much simpler, as you can simply combine directional input with these buttons to perform various techniques. What's unique about the special style is that you can turn it on or off at any time, allowing even experienced players to take advantage of it and deal massive damage.TEKKEN 8
New battle arena - Ortiz Farm. This is a stage divided into three levels. There are alpacas wandering on the top floor, but if you break the floor, you will fall below and see a magnificent temple. If you hit the enemy on the wall, you will also see a new mechanism in "Tekken 8": wall launch. As the name suggests, you can launch the enemy into the air from the wall, allowing you to continue to perform combos and cause additional damage. This sets the stage. The choices and the combat strategies of each character in the scene add new variables and fun.
After playing the closed beta version of "Tekken 8", it left a good impression on me, but there is still a long time to wait!