The Elder Scrolls Online: Golden Road Now Available for PC and Mac

The Elder Scrolls Online: Golden Road Now Available for PC and Mac

ZeniMax Online Studios and Bethesda Softworks released the latest chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online: Golden Road on June 3rd for PC/Mac. This chapter includes a 30-hour long quest in the new region of the West Weald, a powerful and rich scribing system, and an exciting story featuring the appearance of a new Demon God.

The chapter Golden Road are available now on PC/Mac and will be available on June 18th on the Xbox and PlayStation.

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An all-new game system unique to Gold Road. Players can customize skills, perfectly adapted to your own gaming style and outfit scheme.

The West Weald:

In this zone, players can explore three regions: the Gold Road, the Colovian Highlands, and Dawnwood. You will discover a host of new side quests, world bosses, caves, public dungeons and more!

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New Rewards, Optimizations, and More:

The Golden Path chapters are filled with a variety of unique new achievements, items and collectibles, including 10 Power Item Sets, 3 unique Mythic Items, pieces of the new Legends deck of cards of Tales of Tribute, and a new type of collection called “skill style” etc...

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