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Product Description

  • *2023 New: It's a enhance comfort head strap Accessories. The strap makes its gravity evenly distributed in various positions of the head, further reducing the pressure on the face and head, making your headstrap fit your head better, preventing your VR slip off while playing games, Allowing players to better immerse themselves in the virtual world and experience a sense of presence.
  • *Lightweight design: The head strap adopts a lightweight design, with a total weight of 6.1 ounce, reducing head and face pressure
  • *Hidden knob: The knob of the head strap is flat with the head beam, and it will not touch the head even when lying down. It is very suitable for wearing VR to watch movies and videos while lying down.
  • *Adaptive head cushion: The adaptive head cushion designed exclusively can freely adjust the angle of force for different head shapes, with a high degree of fit
  • *Wide cloth belt: The top support is made of wide and heat-dissipating polyester bird's-eye cloth, which not only increases the force-bearing area of the head, but also has a good heat dissipation effect

Product Details

Weight: 172g
Size: 270.02*200.58*121.52 (mm)
Material: ABS, PC, sponge, polyester bird's eye cloth
Color: green, black

Package List

1 x EasySMX Q20
1 x Instruction manual
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EasySMX Q20 VR Head Strap for Oculus Quest 2
EasySMX Q20 VR Head Strap for Oculus Quest 2

Enjoy the Comfort it Brings

The EasySMX Q20 head strap device features soft headrest and adjustable headbands, making it lightweight and comfortable. Whether it's playing for long periods of time or watching movies, the Q20 headwear device immerses you in it without any pressure.

EasySMX Q20 VR Head Strap for Oculus Quest 2

Perfect Fit and Adjustable

The EasySMX Q20 head strap has an adjustable design, allowing you to find the best wearing position with ease. The adjustment range is 17.7-29.5 inches,both adults and children can experience the real feeling of VR!

EasySMX Q20 VR Head Strap for Oculus Quest 2

Breathable, Lightweight, Durable

The EasySMX Q20 head strap adopts breathable material to keep your head dry and ventilated, and it won't feel stuffy and stuffy even if you wear it for a long time. Meanwhile, the Q20 headset uses drop-resistant materials to give you dependable durability.

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